The World of Semester Break

May 18, 2010

Well unlike most people, i do blog during the holidays… yes, there are no parties (at least non that I was invited to) and there is know trip for the obvious reason that I’m broke out of my ass here. But don’t get me wrong, I do occasionally step out of the house and hang out with friends… OMG I have friends… suddenly life seems less lonely, well don’t kid yourself…

Anyways the highlight of my day so far is playing my games on the freaking console… and here where the problem lies… as of last week, when my sem break started, I am now currently addicted to Super Street Fighter 4… addicted like heroine man… like if I go a day without this goodness I might crack under the sheer force of my hand hammering my skull. So during this one week, I’ve been out hanging with friends twice, finish Splinter Cell Conviction on the 360, eaten 8 pieces of smoke chicken sandwich, 12 glasses of Milo, 70 hours of sleep and around 20 hours of SSF4 (Super Street Fighter 4)… the only thing I did not manage to do this past week is to contribute to society… but hell, like any of us really did…

Back to SSF4… now that I think about it, games like this was a contributor to the truancy of school kids especially in the 90’s… that was during the boom of the arcade period… but somehow the formula still works, people are still hook on this 2D fighting games, just now instead of the arcade, we just stay home and go online to play the freaking thing… given that you have the hardware and the original software  to go online. As you know Malaysian and piracy goes a long way, but on the given day where Street Fighter is on the menu, hell original is all good… and this is coming from the broke ass bitch so you know it’s worth it…

On a more serious note… yesterday one of the most iconic Rock legend passed away… on May 16 2010 (US time) Ronnie James Dio passed away at the age of 67… in case you soulless music audience don’t know, Dio was the lead singer in Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Elf, Heaven and Hell and Dio… the thing is I would not be surprise if most of the young generation don’t know who he is, but if you guys are interested you can look him up… people might know him from the song Holy Diver … so right now as I’m writing this, I’m listening to his music as a tribute and in his memory…

Man at this day and age where the is less and less musicians and more of Justin Bieber, it really bums me out that we’re losing the golden age of music to … baby baby baby ooo

Anyways here is the man in case you people never had the chance to listen to his music…


3 Responses to “The World of Semester Break”

  1. teddymon said

    This is unholy man. Several blogs in one year? I expect the next blog due in 300 days!!!

  2. dvn said

    keep updating :))

  3. nibee said

    ko mesti bosan kan deb?

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