Well unlike most people, i do blog during the holidays… yes, there are no parties (at least non that I was invited to) and there is know trip for the obvious reason that I’m broke out of my ass here. But don’t get me wrong, I do occasionally step out of the house and hang out with friends… OMG I have friends… suddenly life seems less lonely, well don’t kid yourself…

Anyways the highlight of my day so far is playing my games on the freaking console… and here where the problem lies… as of last week, when my sem break started, I am now currently addicted to Super Street Fighter 4… addicted like heroine man… like if I go a day without this goodness I might crack under the sheer force of my hand hammering my skull. So during this one week, I’ve been out hanging with friends twice, finish Splinter Cell Conviction on the 360, eaten 8 pieces of smoke chicken sandwich, 12 glasses of Milo, 70 hours of sleep and around 20 hours of SSF4 (Super Street Fighter 4)… the only thing I did not manage to do this past week is to contribute to society… but hell, like any of us really did…

Back to SSF4… now that I think about it, games like this was a contributor to the truancy of school kids especially in the 90’s… that was during the boom of the arcade period… but somehow the formula still works, people are still hook on this 2D fighting games, just now instead of the arcade, we just stay home and go online to play the freaking thing… given that you have the hardware and the original software  to go online. As you know Malaysian and piracy goes a long way, but on the given day where Street Fighter is on the menu, hell original is all good… and this is coming from the broke ass bitch so you know it’s worth it…

On a more serious note… yesterday one of the most iconic Rock legend passed away… on May 16 2010 (US time) Ronnie James Dio passed away at the age of 67… in case you soulless music audience don’t know, Dio was the lead singer in Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Elf, Heaven and Hell and Dio… the thing is I would not be surprise if most of the young generation don’t know who he is, but if you guys are interested you can look him up… people might know him from the song Holy Diver … so right now as I’m writing this, I’m listening to his music as a tribute and in his memory…

Man at this day and age where the is less and less musicians and more of Justin Bieber, it really bums me out that we’re losing the golden age of music to … baby baby baby ooo

Anyways here is the man in case you people never had the chance to listen to his music…


With all the blogs full of Ironman 2 and Ironman 2 reviews , so I won’t go there… even though it was an awesome movie.Just here to post for the sake of posting, since I’ve not nothing else better to do(and the fact I don’t want to wait another year to post a new entry)… So still in the mood of movies and movie hypes, I’ll just randomly boost the hype of Toy Story 3 coming in June… Btw great news, next year Pixar Disney is releasing Monsters Inc 2… owh yeah, another movie for me to get hyped about… yeah, 22 and still watching these kinds of movies… I’m not insecure about my maturity level…

Anyways, after 100 words, i ran out of things to say, so I’ll just try and stretch out some random crap out of my pants… I’m all bored because there is no more assignments… and there is only 2 final exams this semester and only 1 is actually hard, but finals are still finals, so I can’t actually go home or I’ll be busted by mom about not studying… but the thing is I want to go back to play the just release Super Street Fighter 4… but sadly I’ll have to wait a bit longer while others are already online fighting people…

That’s it I think… just pass the 200 word mark… cukup la tu, ala kadar…

OMG it’s been a year

April 16, 2010

To the little who care to follow my dumb ass weblog a year ago might ask the questions on why the hell was there no fucking update for almost a year… the story is short and simple… i write blog, want to post blog, webpage timed out, blog with more than 700 words lost, piss off, stop blog… tadaa

now some of you might ask me, why restart? Short answer: I forgot what’s it like to have an output…

anyways back to why I’m posting… what is so important that finally I am to start this thing which i have left to rot for nearly a year. The topic in hand is… casual gamers… Let me start off by saying that most of you reading this might be a casual gamer. What is a casual gamer you ask? Well, if you play pussy ass games like Bejeweled, you are a sorry ass casual gamer ( I’ll just simplify this to CS as in c**k sucker), if you don’t know what debug mode you are a CS ( its okay if you don’t actually play games, but if a gamer plays game and doesn’t know what debug mode is, you are a CS), if your idea of a multiplayer game is on Facebook you are a CS, if you are a man and you don’t know what Blizzard is, you are a CS, if you play with your Iphone apps game more than you play real games ( that’s right ppl, Iphone do not have real games despite popular beliefs) you are a CS, and the list goes on and on…

Why am I pissed of with casual gamers? It is because they are the majority… yes that’s right, I am not pro democracy when it comes to my games… my made up statistics (although might be accurate) says that the ratio of core gamers to casual gamers are 1 to 5.

So what if there are more casual gamers than ore gamers? It’s not like it’s doing any harm to you…

To people who seriously wants to say that, please shut the fuck hell up… You don’t know crap about this so don’t bullshit me that you know…

I’ll give you an example on how this is screwing with core gamers: One phrase says it all… Modern Warfare 2… you know what I’m talking about… this game removes the ability to create your own map and instead if you want new maps for the game, you can BUY THEM… yay capitalism… this is cause casual gamers would pay and so the game companies charge a fee for something we could actually get for free if this was 2005…

Enough of this big picture scenario… on to why this affects me personally… I’m a Games Design student, and this semester i got stuck with some shit ass assignment about casual games where the lecturer is a casual gamer and demand I do casual games… games like the Iphone Pocket God… google it… when you see it, you can see it is not even a fucking game… its an app where there is a tropical like island, and you can add natives there, dump them into the sea, fling them into a volcano, see them eat fish and change the night and day of the game… wtf is that… that is not a game… that’s a freaking screen saver… and this is what games have evolve to…

To put it in summary, game industries are like the music industry… the old days is where the true beauty of the art was, now its just a way to screw your mom into giving you more money to buy the next in thing so you won’t be an outcast to your peers… crap it’s been a long time since I rage online

P/S: I hope the next entry won’t be in another year time

PPSMI (teaching science and math in school using an english medium) was abolished today by the Malaysian government in an attempt to ready our people for globalization…. WAIT, I think I got that thing in reverse … shouldn’t we teach english to people if we want them to go global, it is the current global language right, ? So for what good reason did they decide to make learning science and math in Malay? Owh yeah, that’s because science and math in IPTA Malaysia and are teaching in Malay… so that MUST be the reason… such joy when I can learn programming languages like C  tambah tambah, C tajam and learn subjects like Aplikasi Komputer and Kejuruteraan Mekanikal… I would hate to learn all this in English and go out into the world being able to competently communicate in English. Since companies like to hire people who can speak English so to be able to compete in the international market, we don’t need to learn English so that we do not need to compete internationally… who cares about globalizing Malaysia, right?

So long…

April 13, 2009

Its be so long that i need to at least write something… its been more than 3 months since my last one.. i can’t say a lot has changes except my laziness, in which seems to be getting worse (or better depending on how u look at it)… crap… i can’t do this… too lazy to write anymore… bye

I wanted to update the blog yesterday by listing down why maxis sucks.(intentionally write maxis in small letters) But yesterday had a really fu*ked up day, and one of the factor of why it was a bad day yesterday was my pc restarted when i was about 3 quarter on my blog writing. So yeah, yesterday was an ass.

Other events that particular day that made it bad was my mom’s hand bag was snatched. Damn huh. It was when my family, (me not included because i was out somewhere else) went out to go buy a wireless adapter card for my sister because hers was busted. Then after the police station trip and what not, my parents went out again and went and buy the wireless card among other things like new locks and padlocks. Then I tried to install the wireless card that was newly acquired and what do you know, it took me half an hour to figure out whats wrong with it, not compatible with the pc… I was like wtf. Bla3 I fixed it.

Then everything settled, time to watch my Liverpool match. And what do you know, they lost. Of all the day, they pick today for their first league defeat of the season. Holy shit. Anyways that’s the end of the day day story. Now to write about something totally unrelated from my first part of the post.

A weird good friend of mine, Farid wrote something on his blog about friends and one part was really funny to me. Imaginary friends are like MySpace friends because you occasionally talk to them but you never really see them. its funny to me because I find it true. 10000 friends and you never met them before.

Another thing, Farid here in dwelling in his bordem, came up with a catch phrase… you heard me… “I make them an offer they can’t refuse”  catch phrase… and the catch phrase is “I blame <insert name>”. So everything is like I blame teddy, I blame society and ect. So in chain reaction to that, I’ve also invoked a catch phrase, now to be use in my YM! status until further notice. At first I was thinking of going “Holy toledo Batman”… but than I realize I can’t say that cause… I’m Batman… hahaha… anyways, from boring  second after boring second I just said whatever, deal with it. Then eureka… now it goes like “<insert a phrase>, deal with it”… so I made a catch phrase thats not really original, deal with it. Ta-da

I would like to write about how Teddy made me realize that emo movies with average plot makes for a sucky movie but there’s nothing here to elaborate. So ending this post now and I’m gonna go back to whatever the hell I was doing before… which was…. crap, I forgot, deal with it.

In 3 years Time

October 23, 2008

I don’t know if it was the lack of sleep or oversleeping but my brain is now all weird and messed up…I don’t even know why I’m actually writing except maybe that I’m bored and frustrated… maybe… Here is the thing, out of the blue I was thinking about the world economy and the collapse of it recently, and it got me thinking that “When I go out to work in 2-3 years time, is the economy ready to hire new blood in?” Again just thinking about it made my head hurt. Before we thought that post grad students have problems getting a job, now we’re really in serious shit. I’m not really a man of thinking to far ahead of time, but I did thought about my financial standings in 3 years time. Just thinking about it makes my hair’s split ends have split ends. I remembered a time where all this problem were far far away from us, but now BAMM… its here or at least the countdown has begun. Even now it is seen that friends from high school that are in different career paths are having different views about the economy.

The first are the ones that mommy and daddy pays for their educations and are now mostly in Australia (i don’t know why there) and are living the life in the fullest way they can. Because they studied there(overseas) then they are not that worried about jobs when they come back to Malaysia since most overseas graduate do get jobs. – This category is what I call The Rich gets Richer

The next one are the real deal, I mean the people that are smart and work hard for it. Those people are the scholarship students that are almost guaranteed a job. Some even go overseas via scholarship. – This category is called I Wish That Was Me.

Next is the average people. Now usually it’s okay to be average, but as the economy still in shit mode, we don’t know how does these average joes gonna get normal paying jobs when they graduate. Currently I’m in this category. – The Average Joe

Lastly the category I’m hoping to get in.(Hopefully I can, please pray for me) is the average joe in collage but has a wicked Final Year Project or anyy project for that matter that companies will take notice and offer you a career in that field. I’m trying to get into this category cause this category doesn’t even need you to graduate with high pointers, occasionally it doesn’t even need you to graduate collage at all (Bill Fu*kin’ Gates). – We call this one True Calling.

A word of reminder, if you have/ or going to have a high profile career, just shut the hell up if your around people without it. Don’t let your happiness make other people sad.(It might be the other way around one day)

Something to ponder when you are bored, do you rather have some bullshit job that pays bad but you have time for your family, or would you rather have a career but no family to go home to or no time at all for family at all. In simpler form, would you rather be Homer Simpson (minus the stupid) or Dr House(minus the sarcasm)

First of all I would like to say that I hope John Moore gets shot in the face with a pump gun… clone him, and shoot him again. If you don’t know who he is, then you are a very blessed person. In case your curiousity needs to be satisfied, he is the man who directed (if he is considered a director in the first place) the Max Payne movie. If you’ve watched it, you know what I mean. Let me make this clear though, it’s not that the Max Payne movie is bad, it’s that the movie is worse than bad. I mean shoot yourself in the head kind of bad.

Actually I am not surprise though. It has been said before and it will be said again in the future that Game movie sucks. No freakin’ exception(Maybe 1 though, Mortal Combat, it was alright, not great but not bad). Maybe in 10 years time my opinion will change. Maybe not. Here goes, all of the Game movies out there and the reason it sucks: (if I miss any, pls tell so I’ll edit my post and tell why that movie suck too)

  • Max Payne – There is 5 bad guys in the movie, and I think he only shoots 3 of them. There we some security shooting though. And WORST bullet time ever. It’s just bad directing, bad casting( I knew its gonna be bad if Max is Mark Wallbergh) and bad all around.
  • Blood Rayne – Nuff said
  • Street Fighter- WTF, what kind of Hadouken is that? In fact except for Van Damme……..

You know what, I got tired just from listing this 3 goddamn movies… I won’t even go though the hell of the other movies like Tomb Raider, Dead or Alive, Hitman and ect. Btw I just found out that there was a Far Cry movie… great, they just ruined that too.

Upcoming Game movies that’s coming out that you don’t have to bother watching…

  • Tekken
  • Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (another one of my favorite game being tarnished by a thing that we called franchise)

On another note, people might be thinking what about Final Fantasy : Advent Children? And my answer is, was there anyone that watched FF:AC never played the game before? So I don’t consider that a movie but an extention of the game FMV.

So in a simple and yet predictable conclusion, people should not watch movies that was based on a game, especially if the game is a famous best selling game cause 2 hours of screen time does not equal 30 hours of gameplay. So all the production company should stop making Game movies unless you can get Christopher Nolan to direct and you can get Heath Ledger to come back from the dead and act.

Life And Lack Of It

October 11, 2008

Its been so long that I updated my blog that I am forcing it upon myself to do so.(Not like anyone reads this anyways) Its been so long that at one point of time that I forgot that I even had a blog. I could say that I had and have many reasons for not updating but I actually only have a few, and most of it is because of my uninspiring life. Ussually ppl talk bout whats been going on with theirs… and seen that I have not been running mine I have no tales that is worthy of being told.(Still don’t actually)

First of all since I have discovered my gaming lifestyle back, most of my life is spent in front of my pc but not so much on the net but in G Arena… in case ppl are wondering its a client program that allows ppl to play selected games with other ppl around the world… so all this while I have been busy playing either Call of Duty 4 or DotA… and when I’m not play those 2 games in G Arena aka GGC I’ll be playing offline games like Spore, Mass Effect and ect… and if not that I most probably be watching tv series and animes… and if i’m not doing that I’m either gone out to watch a movie(only ocassionally though), eating, sleeping, taking a dump or the ocasional bath(During ramadhan I only do 3 off the things from the list per day)…

Now that syawal is here I was/am busy visiting/intruding ppls houses… and btw its exam week for me and as you can plainly see I rather update my outdated blog than studying… me and my messed up priorities… Anyways I’m not writing any longer since I have my non existing life to get back to… hopefully during my 3 weeks holiday from MMU will make me so bored that I will forced to update the piece of crap blog again… till next time unless I change my mind…

I’m Back!!!

August 1, 2008

The title is not cause I haven’t update in a while but its about my old self is back. If you would read my previous post I mentioned that I was getting old and my game playing ratio per day is less than when I was in high school. But guess what? The old me is back… the “6 hours straight gaming” dude is back… it seems that it wasn’t that I’m getting old… its just i need game that I can fully indulged myself in… and I did find one… two to be exact… it was Devil May Cry 4(just finished playing today) and Final Fantasy 4 DS (still playing)… now that the old me is back this blog will be delayed in update (as if its not already delayed). In fact the gap between my last post and this one is solely because i was gaming… nice isn’t it… and after this I’m starting Bioshock (this game is 2007 game but I just got it today) and continuing Mass Effect… but  it seems I can’t concentrate yet due to my midterm break starts today and I need to go back home thus rendering me without games for a week(since I won’t be bringing my PC back from hostel to my house)… so in the one week I’m at home with scarcity of games (since i don’t have an X-Box360) I’ll be updating this blog a lot(probably)… In this one week of break I’m not sure I’ll get a lot of rest though… I’m getting ready for a tourney so I’ll be busy with my team practicing… Even today I’ll be having a minor competion to ready myself for the major tournament… so this whole week I’ll be busy during the day and I’ll (TRY) and update my blog at night… I’m not gonna write to much today( lots of gaming to do before going back home)

P/S: Wish me luck on my tourney today and on the major one too(which is around mid August)… and I’ll be updating on how I do today and on the major one (which is in Singapore… just to let you know)